Process | How we ensure quality

All translation projects are similar, and yet all are unique.

While we rely on the expertise of our project managers to evaluate and adapt to the specific requirements of each job, we also apply consistent quality control steps in accordance with industry-accepted translation quality standards. The following summarizes our general workflow.


01 Client Input

You share your translation project with us, supplying any specific requirements and available materials.

02 Project Analysis

Our project manager assesses the source materials, confirming feasibility, cost, delivery date, and format of deliverables. 

03 Translation

The project manager assigns the project to a subject-qualified translator who translates, formats, and proofreads the initial draft of the translation.

04 Editing & Revisions

The translation is checked by a separate editor for accuracy, completeness, consistency, style, tone, and formatting.

05 Proofing

An in-house linguist proofs the translation to confirm that all of the project’s requirements have been met.

06 Finalization

The project manager verifies and packages the final project files. The completed files are delivered to you, along with any comments or notes generated during the translation process.

07 Integration & Application

You can now use the translated text with confidence. The project files are electronically archived by ION and available for you to access at any time in the future.

08 Client Feedback

Any feedback you have is shared with all members of the translation team, necessary corrections are made, and glossaries or processes are adjusted for future projects.