Patient and Physician Outreach

When you want to reach patients and physicians in their native language, accuracy and tone matter.

Your team put a lot of care and attention into these materials when you first crafted them in English. We’ll pick up right where you left off and deliver translations that are not only correct in substance but also culturally appropriate for the target locale.

We deliver back-translations in three-column files with all the text aligned for easy reference. Our certified back-translations include reconciliation, so you can be sure that the translated materials reflect the intent of your source materials as well as their content.


  • Package inserts

  • Product brochures

  • Patient education materials

  • Clinical trial recruitment materials

  • Newsletters

  • Appointment and reminder cards

  • At-a-glance and resource guides

  • Letters and mailers

  • Presentations and slide decks

  • Videos (voice-over and subtitles)

  • Websites, software, and apps

  • Multilingual typesetting and layout


  • Participant recruitment materials for multicenter pediatric heart disease study (35 languages)

  • Hepatitis B awareness website, iPad app, and education campaign (12 languages)

  • Nephrotic syndrome materials explaining treatment options and insurance eligibility (4 languages)

  • Birthday cards for children enrolled in a study of retinal disease (22 languages)