Advertising and Marketing

Precision and cultural fluency are critical when translating, localizing, or transcreating advertising copy or marketing materials for international audiences. Coordinating with our global network of in-country experts, we deliver translations that meet your needs on all levels.

We can help you tailor and localize your message across a range of online and print platforms. Our multilingual typesetting (DTP) specialists work closely with linguists to make sure the fonts and diacritics display properly, and any expansion or contraction in the text is handled cleanly. We are mindful of your design decisions and work with you to retain the look and feel of your publications regardless of the language.

Projects Include

  • Localization and transcreation

  • Questionnaires and surveys

  • Print and online ads

  • Brochures and newsletters

  • Product name reviews

  • Foreign-language and multilingual typesetting (DTP)